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Until The Lion Learns How To Write,

Every Story Will Glorify The Hunter

African Proverb

Welcome To Our School

We are a young non-profit school – part of Assalam Community Foundation. We provide education to local and international children. We invite you to familiarize yourselves with our website and educational offer. Our main goal is to provide a high level of education in English and in Kiswahili. Teaching strategies at AIS are very innovative – we take full advantage of the rich environment around us: ocean, big forest, permaculture garden, open classrooms, mango tree library and Leaplearing lab. Students are taught in small groups in a relaxed and supportive environment and can have fun while learning. We built a school, where children can receive a better quality education and thrive to become the makers of their own future. For this reason, we have been very careful with all aspects of the school, from architecture to curriculum.

Since our aim has always been to empower our students to become one of the brightest generation of Africa, who will write the lion’s story again, we have always put African values first.

“Africa’s greatest leaders should be raised in an African School, which has the greatest African vision”

Assalam International School

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